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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Castle And The Couture

I've always been something of a late starter when it comes to trends.  I was the last to rediscover leggings, I was oblivious to the notion of hipster chic and I still haven't quite wrapped my head around the comeback kid that is the clog.  But perhaps more shocking for most was my inability to jump on board with the hysteria that was the Royal Wedding.  This time last week I just couldn't have cared less about either Kate Middleton or Prince William and quite simply couldn't fathom the fever pitch hype over their pending nuptuals.  Nonetheless, when I woke up yesterday morning and my iPhone indicated that a Princess had been born I became instantly obssessed!  I guess all it takes is a little Alexander McQueen couture to grab my attention.

The Dress.  I have to say, I was at first a little surprised by her choice.  Kate Middleton definitely appears to be quite fashion conscious and tends to veer towards silhouettes that, while not spray painted on to her, show off her physique.  I guess I was expecting her to go with something a little more modern, a little younger and a little more fashion conscious.  That being said, The Dress truly was exquisite and a timeless piece.  The fact that it is so reminscent of Grace Kelly's is indicative of how classic a style she went for.  As you all know, I am a fervent fan of lace and the fact that she encorporated this fabric as part of her design means we'll be seeing even more of it!  I loved the juxtoposition of the high laced back of the dress versus how low the bodice was.  We got to see some skin without seeing any at all and I think this kept a more youthful feel to the dress.  I think the thing I'm most shocked about is the fact that she did her own make up!  If I was her, I'd have had employed seventeen separate make up artists to work their magic on me and I'd have made them all do party pieces to entertain me while doing so.  Another good reason why I should never be given any power.......;)

Not only did Britain gain a Princess yesterday they also gained a Most Eligble Bachelorette.  Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, was elegance personified yesterday in her custom designed Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen gown.  I've a feeling we're going to see alot of brides trying to emulate her look.  The feel of the dress was young, fresh and modern and the button details on the back was simply stunning.  Click here to see who donned this design two years ago - I think you'll be surprised! For the evening reception hosted by Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace, Pippa opted for an emerald green Temperley London design and Alice Temperley was quoted as saying that she was a pleasure to work with.  As Kate's Lady in Waiting I'm excited to see her style evolve.

And then there were the great unwashed - the guests!  Oh Tara Palmer Tomkinson - I'd almost forgot you existed!!  Just to fill my American friends in, back in the 90s TPT was the Tara Reid of the British socialite scene.  Her crazy partying ways lead to many a tabloid headline and ultimately resulted in her nose collapsing due to certain alleged "overindulgences".  TPT certainly continued to deliver the shock factor with this top to toe cobalt blue ensemble.  While she is getting slammed by many critics I have to say that I kind of love the look!  While she does look like she's going to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and not the Royal Wedding she certainly has managed to get tongues wagging over her Deborah Milner creation and for that I take my Fascinator off to her!

Another firm favorite was Victoria Beckham sporting her own design.  While heavily pregnant she still looks absolutely impeccable.  I love her sleek pony tail and can you get over those sky high stillettos??!  Now I'm a girl who likes her heels but I don't think I could ever handle seven inchers - especially pregnant.  VB is the ultimate dedicated follower of fashion.

The rest of the wedding was a blur of Philip Treacy Fascinators and dress coats but I'd be here all day if I were to try to go through them all.  I will leave you lovelies with a picture of Kate's second dress of the evening.  Another beautiful Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen design.

I guess the only thing we need to worry about now is what the hell are we all going to talk about now that this wedding is over???!!  Hmm........what's Lindsay Lohan stealing these days.......??!