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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Love Bid Buy E-Bay Store

It was always bound to happen.  At some certain point in time the name of this blog was due to make sense.  And that day, my Recessionista friends, is today.

On this very Labor Day weekend I am officially launching the Love Bid Buy E-Bay Store.  The concept is pretty simple – you see something you love, you bid on it and you buy it.  Voila!  It has been my life-long dream to make Hollywood Glam accessible to the masses and through this Ebay Store I shall be doing just that.  But don’t expect to find pages and pages of items to trawl through – I fervently believe in quality over quantity and so I will be bringing you one exclusive designer find on a month to month basis.

And my magnanimous ways don’t just end there.  What will set Love BidBuy’s Ebay Store apart from all others is that I want to give back.  A portion of the proceeds from every single item sold on this store will be donated to charity.  And if you would like to sell clothes on Love Bid Buy to support your own charity you can email me here.

So without further ado, I present Love Bid Buy’s inaugural item for sale – this gorgeous Robert Rodriguez shift dress (see below).  Don't forget to come back next week for styling tips!

Happy shopping my friends!


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