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Thursday, July 19, 2012

What A Woman

While I've always prided myself on being a woman of many talents I fervently fail at the prospect of fulfilling any of those so-called 'talents' that allegedly come with being a woman.  My Stuart Weitzman stilettos couldn't navigate their way to where the dishes are washed in my apartment (somebody mentioned a "sink" one time before).  I have proof that I used my oven to store sweaters long before SJP ever conceived of the concept - yes, my darling Dolce cashmere, I still think of you fondly.  And it's fair to say that any and all of my past beaus have had a notably superior ability to negotiate their way around a kitchen than I ever have or care to - well, I guess I have to give them something.  Indeed, I always remember one of my favorite male roommates of times gone by telling me that he hoped I had talents in the bedroom as I was deemed 'bloody useless in every other room of the house'.  Touche.

The times they are a-changing.  It would seem that these days us gals are more likely to utter those fateful words to a question such as 'do you drink wine on weeknights' than in any other social 'norm' of a situation.  I do.  Having  long since recognized that adding 2.5 children to your resume is not necessarily a life-long goal (except for you JK!), for the last couple of decades we've been replacing bread-making with bread-winning; going Dutch with 'I've got it'; and patch-work quilts with politics.  

Yet despite these aforementioned activities of the bra-burning variety, modern technology has somehow managed to seduce my inner domestic goddess. Having recently been tantalized by a Martha Stewart Craft iPad app that a colleague introduced me to (don't laugh, this is the new love of my life) it would seem that said Mrs. Stewart has suddenly become my newest Jiminy Cricket.  I dare say I've created a monster.  Within days of discovering this I found myself making my own organic ketchup (I speak no word of a lie), signing up for jewelry making classes and begging my friends to join me at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend.  It seems I've gone from femme fatale to Suzy Homemaker in a matter of mere minutes.  The thoughts of whiling away my Saturday afternoon at an indie craft fair gives me the sense of satisfaction I once believed could only ever be achieved with the big O - overdraft protection plan.

As with most things in my life, when I commit to something I do it 110 percent.  So I am embracing this new found domesticity with the same passion and enthusiasm that has most bored housewives greedily thumbing through Fifty Shades of Grey - only a little more vanilla......;)  And, hey, if Anastasia Steele can learn some new tricks I guess so can I.......


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