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Friday, April 27, 2012

Love Is In The Hair.....

Those that know me would agree that I have a pretty laissez-faire attitude about most things in my life.  I’m never one to be concerned that the dishes need to be washed, I rarely notice if somebody is rude to me and I’m certainly not about to get upset over the fact that my low-fat latte is not, in fact, low in fat.  A wise soul once told me not to sweat the small stuff and I carry this trinket of advice with me everywhere I go.  Indeed, I’ve ultimately realized that the essence of an easy, breezy Cover Girl will never be determined by your shade of lip color but your ability to simply not a give a damn.

The same could be said for my sense of style.  Although I have dedicated many a Saturday afternoon to reruns of America’s Next Top Model and can chat eloquently about Tom Ford’s latest collection, I’ve never particularly been a slave to the ebb and flows of the ever-changing fashion whimsies on any personal level.  I really don’t care if floral frocks are a big thing this season, my grandmother’s curtains are hanging exactly where they need to be – nowhere near me.  Just because Anna Wintour has determined that blunt fringes are very a la mode does not mean you will find me running breathlessly to the hair salon.  Yes, I did continue to wear those 7 For All Mankind jeggings until there were holes in the ‘seat’ but what can I say – I just loved them!  You see, I’m a simple girl at heart.  While I love the pomp and posterity the fashion world has to offer I have neither the will nor the want to dedicate myself to it wholly.    

And when it comes to my hair I’m even less laissez-faire and more laissez-couldn’t-be-bothered-doing-anything-at-all.  While I love nothing more than running my fingers through my long, luscious locks L’Oreal has yet to convince me that the process it takes to make them well, long and luscious, is worth it.  While Kim Kardashian came out with an entire collection of jewelry dedicated to tricking out one’s tresses my hair styles flip-flop between the ever reliable ‘hair down’ (when clean) and ‘hair up’ (when not clean).  Rinse and repeat.

Nonetheless, when flicking through In Style’s latest edition I realized that I have not been taking advantage of one of the most available, adaptable and affordable fashion accessories that I have readily in my possession – my hair.  Why a simple braid can upgrade an ensemble from earthy to ethereal, a side-swept pony-tail can convey a look that is rock chic and a messy bun can transform dowdy to diva.  How have I allowed this Recessionista friendly fashion tip pass me by for so many years??!

So while it’s fair to say my laissez-fair attitude serves me well for the most part, sometimes we can all do with stepping it up a knot(ch!).......maybe L'Oreal was right after all.......


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