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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Price Of Popularity

The SAG awards have been and gone, we’ve finally got the Grammys behind us but the crème de la crème of award ceremonies is looming ever so near and the question on all of our lips is - what the hell are WE going to wear to the Oscars??! Now, don’t be foolish. My Sunday night expeditions to these star studded events have solely consisted of cup cake parties at my friends’ homes with the award show on somewhere in the background. There’s been no red carpet, no Ry Ry Seacrest chomping at the bit to get the latest scandal and I’ve already worn the same pair of shoes twice. Joan Rivers would eat me alive. Nonetheless, us girly girls (and even girlier boys) have been donning our favorite party frocks, pumped up the wigs and all in the name of bringing a little Hollywood glitz and glam to the Bay Area.

Whether it be award season, holiday party overload or wedding after wedding after wedding – we all go through periods of time where the ratio of fabulous frocks in our closet versus number of events to attend do not an even match make. Facebook is intent on completely ruining my best intentions to recycle my wardrobe as social events are now not just confined to actual attendees. Instead even my virtual friends know that the LBD I donned at my friends’ birthday party in LA last year was the same that I threw a belt on and wore just two weeks ago in New York. Haters. Of course the logical thing to do is go out and spend, spend, spend but my W2 just gave me the finger and that highly anticipated tax refund just ain’t looking so big and juicy anymore.

I think my favorite store in the world is my sister’s wardrobe. It’s the only place where I can find designer brands literally for free. Throughout the years, I have been the proud cat burglar recipient of Pied a Terre shoes, Chanel bags, copious amounts of cosmetics and endless quantities of random t-shirts and sweat pants. It’s quite the Aladdin’s cave for a modern-day-money’s-tight minx like myself. But since that harlot has high-tailed it off to live in another country I am without the resources I have previously relied so heavily on. Now I can’t borrow her cocktail dresses, her shoes are no longer mine to take and worse again, I’ve actually had to start purchasing People magazine myself.

But have no fear my little Recessionistas, as I have found the solution to this heinous predicament. Rent the Runway. Yes, Rent the Runway is beyond a shadow of doubt my new BFF. Finally, cocktail and evening dresses from the likes of Diane von Furstenberg, D&G and Vera Wang to name but a few are within our reach. For a mere fifty bucks, I can now rent one of Herve Leger’s famous bandage dresses and compete against the likes of JLo and Kim K above to truly see who wore it best (note to self: I will not win). Perfect. And for a more complete look, you can even rent from their jewellery collection. I’ve abstained from doing so however as I fear a case of the Lindsay Lohans “I didn’t realize I still had it” would come over me and I’d never be able to pull of that Kimberly Ovitz white knit dress she wore to court the other day. Child bearing hips are a true curse.

So go, rent and be merry my friends. Rent the Runway is a true God send for those busy party seasons we often find ourselves in. Thankfully, the price of popularity doesn’t need to wave an angry fist at your credit card anymore.



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