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Thursday, August 5, 2010

One For The Boys......Kinda...!

Despite the fact that the girlie-ness of this site verges towards being almost vulgar at times it would appear that I do in fact have some male readers. I was asked by some to maybe consider writing a couple of guy-friendly articles. Fervent to please as I am, I immediately got to thinking about how I could impress the boys with a witty, charming article that would solve all their sartorial grievances. My mind works at a million miles an hour yet despite the multitude of ideas that popped into my head I ultimately could not get away from one undeniable fact – I just love my girls! I love my single and fabuless girls and I’m not sure that I’ll ever be able to write for any other reader. Sorry boys!

Throughout my life I have surrounded myself by fiery females. When I was younger, I identified these girls as fun. Indeed, ten years ago, it was all about the boys and the booze – and not necessarily in that order. Our weeks were filled with desperately planning for the weekend, laboriously plotting outfits in minute detail and having the luxury to spend all day Saturday getting ready. The greatest irony in the latter, of course, was that we ultimately looked like we’d quickly wrapped a hair band around our waists, draped some chain mail across our chests and applied our make-up in the dark. The glory years. Indeed, these did not necessarily come across as high fashion, carefully crafted looks that say the likes of Rachel Zoe would put her name to (LOVED the premier of the new season of her show the other night by the way – I ‘literally’ died!) but you can’t argue with this – we tried. Since then the skirts have gotten a little longer but in truth not much has changed – these girls are still a hell of a lot of fun (although I think it’s fair to say that thankfully we no longer have a penchant to drink ten Jagerbombs on a random Tuesday night!).

Nonetheless, where would we be without a little male lovin’ every now and then. Yes, despite what those bra-burning b*tches would have you think - we all need a hero. No, no I’m not telling you to start hawking yourself out on Craigslist’s ‘casual encounters’ or take any saucy pictures for But seriously girls, what does a single lady do when things start getting a little less Dior and a little more DIY around the house? Just as I saw Kimora Lee Simmons say, I too like to think of myself as ‘every woman’ and I’m not afraid to get my hands a little dirty every now and again. I can cook (even my fire alarm cheers me on), I can clean and I am excellent at art directing where pictures should be hung. Having said that – you are high off your mind if you think that I am ever going to waste some of my hard earned dollar dollar bills on buying a drill when Piperlime has a sale on boots. The fact that there is a hammer in my home is shocking to me – it must have been left there by a past tenant. If I only own one eye shadow brush you cannot seriously expect me to own an iron. So what does a single sista do when Bob the Builder type operations start popping up around your house but without the obvious person to help you – Bob. Let me introduce you to your new crush – What Jesse Metcalfe was to Eva Longoria in Desperate Housewives this website will be to you (minus of course the hotness that was Jesse Metcalfe in Desperate Housewives – dammit). It’s such a simple concept. Sharing. You heard me – share. The idea is that as a community we pool our resources so we don’t all have to waste money on things we only use once or twice. Genius! So if I have a ladder (which I obviously don’t) I can post this online and show that it is available to a safe network of users and then when you’re hanging that chandelier that you just bought at a bargainous price from the Alameda Flea Market you can borrow it. Love it! Of course the area of this website that I would like to see develop further is indeed the ‘apparel’ section. As of yet, I can only find a couple of pairs of running shoes (boo) and a mink coat (random) but I have that tingling feeling of anticipation that this is going to be a good thing for us girls. Watch this space!

So remember ladies, I’m all about Kimora’s concept of being ‘every woman’ but sometimes we still need a man around the house…….boys, I may have failed in my quest to write an article for you but hopefully your girl will come home a little more appreciative of you this evening…..And of course – let me know what you think of!

                                   The Rachel Zoe Project (just because!)

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