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Monday, August 16, 2010

On Your Marks, Jet Set, Go....!!!

So if you’re a San Francisco sista like myself it’s probably fair to say that like me this weather is fairly pushing you over the edge! Now I myself grew up in the Emerald Isle and so one might think that I have a natural appreciation and empathy towards a cool climate but you would be sorely mistaken. I signed on to live in Cali-For-Ni-A and I for one expect some sunshine during the summer months! Is that truly too much to ask? So given the adverse affect this fog is having on my normal carefree persona you can only imagine my delight when one of my favorite girls suggested a weekend away in La La Land. IN!!! She had barely finished her sentence before I was mentally packing my bags, picking out my outfits and giving myself a virtual manicure. Yes, I am one who tends to get a little carried away with things before being brought back to the real world with a bang. It’s like when I go on a first date – I have the poor unfortunate sitting across the table from me married and divorced in my head before we’ve even had our first kiss! Needless to say, the image of me working my money-maker with a Mojito in hand at the Mondrian pool was quickly shattered into a million little pieces when that pesky credit card bill crept into my mind and the recollection of a few outstanding bills that have not been yet paid (at the same time, who needs really PG&E?? – candlelight is way more flattering anyway).

How the hell can one live like a jet-setting A-Lister on our D-List dimes?? Dismayed, I started offering excuses as to why I maybe wouldn’t be in a position to make it. I mumbled on about work….a possible date….the curtain rail I needed to hang before remembering an important fact - I am a resourceful little minx. Has this fog not only dulled up my mornings but now clouded my mind and better judgment? I am the type of girl that if I decide I want something in life I set my mind to achieving it and I am rarely deterred from accomplishing my ultimate goal. I couldn’t let a couple of air miles that I don’t have get in the way of what I knew would be a much needed good time. I had to make this work. Just as I’ve advised before regarding sartorial purchases – research is of paramount importance to us chickas living the champagne lifestyle on beer money. One of my favorite websites when it comes to travel is Kayak – it is truly awesome. You type in your destination and the dates you want to travel and it cross-references almost all of the different airline companies to give you the best available deals on your chosen dates. It literally does the work for you – almost. You should know that Kayak doesn’t actually include Southwest flights as an option in their search so you might want to check their website out separately (it’s always worth a look). Other favorites of mine include Priceline and Orbitz. If money was never an option I would ONLY fly with Virgin America. Seriously – their planes are so awesome, their lounge at SFO is so great (indeed, once I was having such a good time in the VA lounge myself and my partners in crime – you know who you are - contemplated just staying there and not getting on our flight back to Ireland for Xmas – don’t think the folks would have been too impressed) and what’s more you can flirt with fellow flyers through their in-flight instant messaging system. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a mile-high first date? Not literally people…..dirty minds…..shame on you…..!

Despite what Kim Kardashian’s hair extensions doth protest………sometimes less IS more. And this applies to your weekends away too. Yes, it would be truly fantastic to have two nights out on the tear but remember – double the fun also means double the dollars. What’s more, if you only fly to your destination first thing on a Saturday morning as opposed to after work on Friday not only will you save on an extravagant night out on the tiles but you’re also probably going to get a better deal on flights. Even better. And when it comes to hotels the same is also true. I have to say, I’ve learnt not to be a big spender when it comes to hotels (I say this as though I really have any other options – humor me, people). Yes, the Mondrian in LA is really cool but you can still hang at the Skye bar at night while actually staying down the street in accommodation that’s half the price. I always feel that spending money on hotels is completely wasteful – a hotel is where you should be resting your pretty little head and recharging with some beauty sleep before the following days antics. A nice hotel encourages you to stay there and is so inviting that you fail to venture beyond its compound walls and experience the real city or country vibes that are available to you. Better again, if you have a kindly friend who will take pity on your sorry ass and offer you their couch for the weekend – take it! There’s nothing better than experiencing a new city with a local. You get to cut out all the tourist trash and get to the real life and soul of the place. Love it.

Needless to say, being the industrious little maneuverer that I am, I have fanangled a way to make my weekend away work – and I’m SO excited. There are few feelings in the world that parallel to that overwhelming sense of satisfaction that you feel after settling in your sun lounger, taking that first sip of sangria and exhaling. Aaaah – you have arrived! Watch out LA……;)

PS: Virgin American has a fabuless sale going on at the moment! Check it out here!  You'll now have more money to spend on luggage like Mariah!!


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  1. I'm just upset that you actually contemplated staying in the airport for Christmas instead of coming home! How RUDE...!!!! ;)