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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh Me Oh Maui!!

Mark Twain was on the MONEY when he proclaimed that the coldest winter he ever felt was a summer in San Francisco.  Thankfully, we had a sliver of sunshine today but if that didn't quench your thirst for Vitamin D then why not plan a little jaunt out of the city??  And since your planning a little getaway I would encourage you to check out  While out on my lunch earlier today (yes, that's me in the reflection of the bus shelter - as you can see from my boots I was NOT anticipating any sun!!) I spotted this ad for discounted flights to Maui.  Hawaiian Airlines has a great sale on right now for flights from San Fran to Maui for just $348 - and these aren't just one way flights, my little recessionista friends, they are RETURN!!  Even better, you can enter a competition to win a three night stay in a luxury resort.  Now that's my kinda trip! 
If you are not lucky enough to win this stay however and are a little concerned about accommodation prices check out Thorn Tree.  This is the travel forum extension of Lonely Planet's website.  A friend turned me on to this last year when I was looking for accommodation for a trip to Brazil.  I was so impressed with my finds and the honest accounts people give of various hotels, hostels etc that I used it again when planning a recent trip to Spain.  Not only do travellers on the site review accommodation but they also give tips on restaurants and things to do and see for literally every location around the world.  It's fantastic.
Hmm, I guess now we need to start thinking about where we're going to get our bikinis........ ;)  Hey, HR, how many more vacation days do I have left??!

PS.  Hawaiian Airline's sale ends on July 30 so hurry up and check it out here!!

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