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Monday, July 26, 2010

Get Your Group-On!!

How did I live my life before Groupon??

Seriously, not only has this website been kind to my piggy bank but it has totally opened my eyes to some interesting places and people to go, see, eat and do ;) in the city.

I’ve lived in San Francisco for the last four years and by no means is this a big city. I would have ventured to say that I fairly had my finger on the pulse but once again despite my best efforts my delusions of grandeur have proven to be just that – delusions!

Through Groupon I’ve come out with great facials (something I would NEVER ordinarily treat myself too), had my hair did – twice, lost some weight through colon hydrotherapy (let’s never speak of this again), learned how to pole dance (although I should probably use the term ‘learned’ rather loosely, put it this way, I’m gonna stick to my day job) and eaten some damn good sushi. My biggest regret is that I was away when they were offering the discount on the Brazilian Blowdry – damn you vacation time!! I want to get this treatment done on my hair sooooo badly but at $300 a pop and after a less than persuasive consultation at a salon that shall remain nameless Cintas (seriously, not only did I come out of there not wanting to get the treatment done but their so called specialist in the area kind of made me feel like a loser for even wasting her time talking about it) I decided to keep my money exactly where I like it - hanging in my closet;) (Sex & The City quote – I couldn’t resist it!!).

But seriously, Groupon really is on to something. Not only is it a smart business model but you really do feel like you get value for money. As I’ve said before, I’m every marketer’s dream – make it look pretty enough and I PROMISE you I won’t read the fine print. I’ve fallen victim to ‘great offers’ before – like those offered on and other such websites (note to self, do NOT buy vouchers they are purely designed to seduce you into spending more money and there are always lots of terms and conditions about what you can and cannot order and when you can do it. Waste of time and money).

But Groupon is not alone, it also has some sistas from another mista in the form of and The thing that’s really cool about these sites is that they offer more lifestyle options than just purely restaurants or boring Home Depot coupons – I got a great deal on custom framing today which is perfect as it reminded me of the three prints I had at home that need framing (thank you again to my actual sistas who sent me the coolest Cannes Film Festival poster from the year I was born – next time we Skype, you’ll see it on my wall!). These sites have also opened my world up to so many new eateries and salons that I probably would never have bothered to try before. Their deals definitely say quality and I know they are picky (my company has tried in vain to contact Groupon about featuring our venues on their website and they’ve never even returned our calls!).

So my little D-List divas, Groupon and the like are definitely going to help us succeed in our quest to live a champagne lifestyle on beer money. If you haven’t already…….go check ‘em out!!


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