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Monday, July 26, 2010

Check It Out!

There are many things you could call me - but shy is not one of them!  If I see somebody on the street wearing say a dress or pair of shoes that I like I have no problem approaching them to find out where they made said purchase.  Like last week, I was thrilled to hear that the fabulous sandals a fellow pedicure customer was donning were a recent purchase at Neiman Marcus.  Much to my chagrin however, they turned out to be available for the princely sum of $495.  No sale!  So imagine my delight when the cute pair of flats I spied yesterday turned out to be from none other than Target - now I didn't even need the girl to tell me how much they cost, I know that's within my price range!
Even more exciting is the fact that Target has formely announced it's plans to take over the entire 4th floor at The Metreon AND the vacant space that used to be Mervyns on Geary Boulevard (at Masonic Avenue).  Woohoo!
For more information, check out this article in The Examiner. 

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