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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Calling All Recessionistas!!

I like to fall in love AT LEAST once a day.  And thankfully today is no different than any other.  My sources just informed me (thanks Tracey in the office!) that the fabuless Barney's Warehouse Sale will be hitting San Francisco's Fort Mason THIS WEEKEND!!! 

You do know what this means, right??  50-75% off all those gorgeous bags...and dresses....and shoes.....oh my!

Cancel Friday Night 'Happy Hour' ladies - we all need to be up bright and early on Saturday:)

For more info, click here (but be wary if you're working in a quiet office.  This is one of those damn sites that throws you under the bus by playing music)!!
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  1. Do we really have to cancel Happy Hour??? Only if you promise Bellinis for brunch :-)

  2. Now, now......we're Recessionistas, remember?! It'll have to be bottomless mimosas somewhere.... ;)